As the emergency bushfire situation continues across our region, state and the nation, there is a growing need for support and resources to assist.

Emergency relief services have advised that monetary donations are the best option to support the relief and recovery effort. 

Donations of physical items such as clothes, furniture and food – whilst incredible tokens of kindness and generosity – are banking up causing undue strain for already stretched resources to sort and distribute. As an alternative, please consider selling surplus toys and goods and donating the proceeds.

Donations can be made to services such as:

Australian Red Cross Disaster Recovery and Relief

Salvation Army Disaster Appeal

St Vincent de Paul Society Bushfire Appeal (NSW)

Food bank


For more information please click here (old links).

More importantly supporting and sustaining tourism in these regions effected by drought and fires, is vital to these communities.
Please continue to travel and visit these areas. Check with local Visitor Information Centres to find out what there is to see, do and visit.

Strongly consider whether it is ethical to sight see in an area that was effected by fire. Areas that have been fire – affected can still be dangerous even after the fire is out. It is recommended to check for any road closures and respect the privacy of residents who have lost homes by avoiding fire-affected areas. For further information please visit Destination NSW.