Find Trusted advice from a local with the Australian Visitor Centres app 

It is your IN-pocket, IN-trip IN-formation assistant to help you explore and find a visitor centre anywhere in Australia where you’ll find local experts who will showcase their region.

The app shows every Accredited Visitor Information Centre throughout Australia and their location, address and directions, making them easier to get to. You will also find handy details of things to see and do, facilities, features and services added by Explore Visitor Centres, so you know it is trusted advice from a local.

The Australian Visitor Centres – Explore Australia App makes your journey easier. The detailed maps are available online and offline, they show locations of other Points of Interest, including accommodation, campgrounds, food and drinks, attractions, wineries, local deals, road warnings and much more.

The app also includes emergency services, Wi-Fi locations, EV charging points, ATMs, toilets and dump points. Search by location, service facility, or feature to find your next stop.

Our very own Campbelltown Visitor Information Centre at Quondong Cottage is listed, as well as an abundance of attractions, dining and things to do in our beautiful town. Download now via the links below. If you have any questions, feedback or need assistance call us on 02 4645 4921 or email