Campbelltown but not as you know it.
The Campbelltown Virtual Reality Experience is a 360 video, that simulates four key tourist attractions in the Campbelltown area.

Come try it at the Visitor Centre!
We have our VR Oculus goggles ready to go at our Visitor Information Centre. Sit on our swivel chairs and get the full 360 experience. Open Wednesday-Friday 10am to 4pm and Weekends 10am to 2pm. You might even get a free gift for having a go!

Experience from Home!
If you have your own VR goggles or a cardboard viewer, head to our YouTube page to watch the video from home. You can also view on your desktop and scroll around the screen with your mouse, or from your phone screen by moving your finger on the screen. If you have a cardboard 360 viewer, download your best quality viewing instructions here. The VR is best viewed in a high resolution of more than 1080s.

Open VR Experience