Campbelltown Community Labyrinth

In a first for the Macarthur area, a community labyrinth has opened in Campbelltown’s Hurley Park. It is a unique tourist attraction and walking space. Visitors can use this as a meeting place, enjoy peaceful reflection and escape from the pressures of daily life.

Campbelltown’s community labyrinth is made from brick in a classical seven circuit Cretan design. Variations of this design can seen across Europe and Scandinavia.

Labyrinths are not mazes and consist of a pathway built on the ground. They feature a journey to the centre and back for quiet reflection and to exercise the right side of the brain.

Mazes, which have walls are more of a puzzle, that you can’t see out of.

The perimeter contains 270 ceramic tiles, the labyrinth has a  14 metre diameter. It has a larger centre to allow people to gather together and it is a place for contemplatation.

With seating for people to relax, a tree for shade, and information sign giving a brief explanation of how to use the labyrinth.