Simmos Beach Reserve

Simmo’s Beach is located on the Georges River. Its easy access, picnic facilities, and beach area make it a popular site for local residents. The reserve, which was officially opened in 1986, is named after Simmonds, a past resident, who mined sand adjacent to the Georges River for a number of years.

There is a large playground for kids to enjoy and enough barbecues and tables for everyone to have a peaceful lunch.

Visitors can explore the reserve along one of its many walking trails. There are a range of trails for different ages and fitness levels, from 500 metres to 1.5 kilometres. Don’t forget to take the camera so you can snap pictures of some endangered wildlife!

You can enjoy scenic views of the Georges River from the timber deck. A stairwell also allows you to easily access Simmos Beach.

The Reserve is home to a number of vulnerable and endangered ecological communities. Some of these include: Sandstone Shale Transition, Hinterland Sandstone Gully Forest, Forest Sandstone Riparian Scrub and Coastal Sandstone Ridgetop Woodland.

There are also a number of threatened flora and fauna in the reserve. Some of these are: Persoonia nutans (Nodding Geebung), Pterostylis saxicola (Sydney Plains Greenhood Orchid), the Little Lorikeet and Hibbertia puberula (Grey-headed Flying Fox ).