Town Hall Theatre Campbelltown

The Town Hall Theatre is a treasured historic building. Located on the southern end of Queen Street and only a short walk from the Arts Centre precinct. The Campbelltown Theatre Group have been using the theatre since 1980. Wowing audiences with multiple sell-out productions every year.

The current Town Hall Theatre occupies two heritage buildings. The north side building was the original Town Hall, while the adjoining building was the original Fire Station. The “Sons of Temperance” built the original Town Hall in 1862. A few years later, in 1884, it was bought by Campbelltown Council for the sum of £800. The Town Hall was abuzz in the early 1900s when it was hired to screen silent movies in the evenings.

Visitors beware, did you know the theatre is haunted by Fred Fisher’s ghost? Fred’s demise in 1826 has been made famous through the Legend of Fisher’s Ghost stories. George Worrall was executed for the murder of Fred Fisher. George rented the land on which these buildings stand. Frederick Fisher was living in Mr Worrell’s house at the time of his murder. Learn more about the legend on a Fisher’s Ghost Investigation Ghost Tour.